Good friends for difficult times

Joanna and students

ICJS chair Joanna Millan, chatting with students: Kaifeng 2013

The International Centre for Jewish Studies (ICJS) was formed after the merger of the London Jewish Cultural Centre with JW3.  The LJCC had been organising many conferences in China over a number of years which have been a tremendous success.

So many students, from different parts of China, have benefited from the insightful lectures and workshops given by eminent international scholars in Jewish history and culture – not least because the experience deepened their understanding and tolerance is fundamental to peace and prosperity.

It was felt essential that this work continue. The Chinese are one of the greatest friends of the Jewish people and they have a high regard for their history, culture and their creative abilities. We need such good friends in these very difficult times, and the Chinese themselves realise that links with Jews and Israel is of great benefit to them.

It is our intention to reach a wider audience both in China and other countries and forge links with academics in those countries so that we can continually improve the quality and quantity of our conferences.

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