Henan hosts Holocaust conference

henan 10 seminar

For almost 15 years, ICJS (and its forerunner, the LJCC) has worked closely with Henan University in Kaifeng to provide its students with seminars, conferences and workshops on Holocaust and genocide studies and Jewish history.

Here’s the report – published by Professor Zhang Qianhong, who at the time was director of the Institute of Jewish Studies at Henan University – of that very first conference, which took place in November 2003:

“Over the three days of November fifth to seventh, Jerold Gotel gave three lectures on the Holocaust and Judaism at Henan University, Kaifeng, China.

“In his lectures, Jerold Gotel defined the Holocaust, analysed Hitler’s war against Jews and the causes of the Holocaust. He enumerated many facts of Nazi crimes and described historians’ responses to ‘the Final Solution’. He also talked about Judaism and Jewish life, especially the relationship between Jewish religion and culture.

More than 700 students attended these excellent lectures. Many of them asked questions and had discussions with the lecturer.

The series of lectures was organized by Dr. Zhang Qianhong, director of the Institute of Jewish Studies at Henan University. The Institute was founded in 2001 in the ancient city of Kaifeng to promote the study of Judaism in China.

As the honorary professor of the institute, Jerold Gotel donated nearly 500 English books on Jewish topics to the Shalom Library, which was set up at the institute with the help of many oversea friends and organisations.”